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The Real Power of Yoga

The Yoga “YOGA – the power of strength” The word yoga stands for the symbol

How Trees Help Us Breathe

“Inhale. Exhale.” We hear these words in every yoga class. Connection to breath is an

Changing Your Point of View

The elusive wheel pose, the seemingly impossible handstand, the gravity defying legs floating to the

Bikram Yoga – The Hottest New Thing

Bikram yoga became based within the early Seventies by Indian yoga guru Bikram Choudhury. Bikram

How Women Benefit From Yoga

People had been training yoga for more than five,000 years. Nearly 11 million people in

Yoga – Is it Only a Physical Exercise?

Yoga is a Sanskrit phrase. It means, communion. In spiritual realm, it is communion with

Five Unique Reasons Why Yoga Postures Help to Reduce Stress and Make You Feel Better

Have you ever arrived for your yoga consultation, careworn-out, tired and complete of anxieties and

Herbal and Alchemical Support For Yoga, Qigong & Meditation Practice

Each one of us is of course particular in terms of what we need to

Yoga and Health Benefits

Most folks that really benefit from Yoga are individuals who exercise, and keep to exercise.

Benefit of Yoga – The Christian Viewpoint

The gain of yoga is twofold – elevated fitness and unification of the spirit with