YoGa Online Yoga Herbal and Alchemical Support For Yoga, Qigong & Meditation Practice

Herbal and Alchemical Support For Yoga, Qigong & Meditation Practice

Herbal and Alchemical Support For Yoga, Qigong & Meditation Practice

Each one of us is of course particular in terms of what we need to maintain and beautify our bodily, intellectual, and emotional health. For this reason, it is extremely good and frequently very necessary to consult in my view with a certified herbalist – a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine, or western herbalism. This is specifically actual whilst we’ve a specific physical, mental or emotional imbalance that we are searching for to remedy. A restoration expert is capable of assess our situation, after which create an herbal components designed especially for us.

Therapeutic & Vitality-Enhancing Uses of Herbal Formulas

Herbal and alchemical formulation can be effective allies for transforming an imbalanced, dis-eased bodymind into one which yet again is functioning in a balanced and relaxed way. They additionally can be used to beautify our fitness: to boom our clarity and vitality, to take us to the next degree of blissful and radiant well-being. Practitioners of Yoga, Qigong and Meditation often have an interest in the usage of herbs in this way, to assist the advent of an more and more sturdy and clean bodily “temple,” that can then initiate a deepening and enlargement of our religious practice.

The herbs and alchemical materials used on this manner – as physical, mental, emotional and religious tonics – regularly have an adaptogenic character. An adaptogenic substance is one that has a normalizing impact upon bodily processes. In other phrases, it possesses an intelligence that permits it to behave in a way that is suitable to the individual ingesting it. There are, for instance, herbs which are adaptogenic with recognize to immune gadget feature: they are able to boost a weak immune gadget, or suppress an overactive immune machine – relying on what is needed.

Herbs and alchemical materials which, on this way, “understand what to do” can be of incredible gain to a wide variety of people. Though it’s nonetheless most effective to seek advice from personally with an herbalist – if that is an choice for you – it is not virtually important, with tonic formulas together with those, since the herbs themselves are capable of alter their moves in step with the needs of the individual taking them. (How cool is that!)

Medicine Buddha Blessings for Yoga, Qigong & Meditation

In my twenty-five years of Yoga, Qigong and Meditation exercise – in addition to inside the context of being educated to practice Chinese Medicine – I even have experimented with a big range of natural and alchemical tonics, as help for my exercise. Of those, the following 3 are ones I’ve found to be specially effective, and would advise wholeheartedly to every body wishing to assist, support and deepen their Yoga, Qigong or Meditation practice.

To me, those substances feel like profoundly generous items from our buddies in the plant and the mineral kingdoms – infused with the advantages of Lu Dongbin (the Daoist Immortal who is also the consumer of Inner Alchemy), Saint Germain (the Ascended Master known as a master alchemist) and the Medicine Buddha. So I invite you to read greater approximately them, and – if your instinct says “yes” – to revel in the strong assist they need to offer.

Created by using the hermetic alchemist Petri Murien, Tonic Gold includes the Universal Life-Force inside the shape of Potable Gold. In other phrases, it’s like a little bottle of non secular sunshine! In phrases of its impact on the subtle body, not anything comes near, in my enjoy, to Tonic Gold. The very first time I took just a couple of drops in water, there was a stated energetic expansion in my sun plexus. Since that point, what I observe most – once I’m taking Tonic Gold often – is a flowing warm sensation alongside the Shushumna Nadi (the core of our diffused/yogic body). My temper has a tendency to shift inside the direction of ease and joy, and my body enjoys a brand new flexibility and spaciousness. Wonderful!

Tonic Gold is available in a small bottle, if you want to closing one to a few months, depending upon your dosage. It has an anise/orange flavor, very best, and its demonstrated advantages are many. Petri recommends taking it on an ongoing, even though no longer non-stop basis, e.G. Take it for 6 months, then take a month or  off, then take it for any other six months, and many others. The alchemical way of life inside which Tonic Gold is produced is significant and profound – and Petri himself, from what I can tell, is a real adept at this art and technology. I encourage you to examine more about each alchemy and this specific alchemist, on the Tonic Gold internet site.

To Receive a Practitioner’s Discount (10%) : truely enter the discount code “energy” (without the citation marks) on the billing/shipping statistics web page of the Tonic Gold website.

Tonic Alchemy

Tonic Alchemy – formulated by means of Chinese herbalist Ron Teeguarden (owner of Dragon Herbs) – is a powdered blend of seventy one mighty components, to be mixed with water or juice, and taken day by day. The substances include Chinese tonic herbs, sprouts and grasses, sea veggies, fruits, and lots more. This components is designed to increase mental strength, improve the immune device, detoxify our frame, and enhance digestion.

One element that makes Tonic Alchemy stand out many of the numerous superfood blends currently in the marketplace, is its “Probiotic-Enzymatic Predigestion Process – an historical and natural technique of bio-fermentation that includes useful probiotic microorganisms and their enzymes into ingredients to gently smash them down into their maximum fundamental factors.” It is that this technique that permits all of the outstanding substances of Tonic Alchemy to be with no trouble absorbed and utilized most successfully by our bodies.

My enjoy of taking Tonic Alchemy is, in a word: “ahhh ….” Immediately after taking my each day dose of this sweetly-delicious potion, I experience as though every cell in my body is announcing “thank you!” for offering it with so many high-quality nutrients – vitamins, minerals, enzymes it hasn’t had get admission to to for who-is aware of-how-long.

U Shein Sayargyi – the writer of Gold-Ash-Powder – is a shaman and healer from Yangon in Myanmar. After beginning his grownup life serving in the army, a sequence of war-injuries and prophetic goals initiated a profound change-of-course: a modern-day “hero’s journey.” The short bio presented on his internet site reads:

“Suffering from a great non-public crisis, he obtained and advanced his extremely good abilities. For a positive period he become particularly running with humans freeing their possessions and occupations of different spirits. Later on he also started to heal with medicinal flowers and advanced a treatment referred to as Gold Ash-Powder. The production [of Gold-Ash-Powder] is a very complex and complex alchemistic technique which takes approximately two decades of time. The exact composition and the production system have been given to him via visions and dreams by means of his “Devas.” Today he could be very well known in most parts of South-East Asia, because of his stunning recovery successes. He is also the founder and director of a restoration and schooling middle near Yangon.”

I first found out approximately Gold-Ash-Powder from the lovable movie “Voyage Into The Next Dimension: through Clemens Kuby. The movie offers numerous powerful healers, considered one of whom is Mr. U Shein. Below is the hyperlink to the movie. The section describing Gold-Ash-Powder starts offevolved at the 49-minute mark.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga, the sanscrit phrase, may be translated as “to unify”. It can be visible as a symbol which stands for the activity of looking to link what is above, at the spiritual degree, with what’s underneath, on the earthly level.

Yoga turned into especially designed to help students at the path obtain the goal of uniting frame and soul. As the soul is simply too diffused to incarnate, that is, its vibrations are too expanded that allows you to maintain itself in the decrease matter of which physical our bodies are made, it sends a representative, or extension of itself into life. One should evaluate the soul because the puppet grasp and the frame as the puppet.

This “puppet” will become conscious that it is alive through the power of the mind, which turns into self-aware and through its revel in of existence goes approximately the commercial enterprise of making an identification, that is critical in the manner of survival. Over time, the puppet completely forgets that it is a consultant of the soul and frequently isn’t always even aware of the lifestyles of the soul.

Fortunately, many human beings started out thinking the reason for the suffering this brought on and went about their search for a better which means of existence. Conscious of the reality that they lacked a size, that some thing become lacking, they began attempting to find factors.

It is a crude analogy, but Yogi masters have determined a way to hook up with the “puppet grasp”, or the soul. When the communique channel among body and soul only exists on a sub-aware degree, the thoughts is left in charge on a aware degree. The entity alive in the frame has no conscious contact with its soul.

By practicing yoga, the entity paves the manner to developing a conscious link with the soul. Thanks to the enjoy of past masters, it’s miles regarded that direct verbal exchange with the soul is possible while one creates ideal silence within. When the “puppet” manages to create silence, this is, to position a halt to the incessant teach of thoughts this is produced with the aid of the mind, the channel of communication to the soul opens again.

Not that it turned into ever closed, but the chatter produced by means of the interest of the self-aware thoughts renders  manner verbal exchange impossible. Over the years, this created a manner of existence that polluted the body, the emotions and the thoughts. Yoga sporting activities clear out this mess and makes it viable to create conditions where meditation, or creating silence inside can be attained.

Yoga, then, is the interest that prepares situations in which correct meditation turns into possible. The frame is detoxified, which makes it healthier and extra important. Now emotions and mind can input a kingdom of peace, allowing the entity to create perfect silence inside, as a consequence accelerating the uniting of body and soul.

Joe is webmaster for mahasaya.Com and yogi4u.Com where he pursues his passion for spiritual work, self-growth and self-awareness. He is glad to make to be had his experience and 30 years of extreme private research, meditations and in-intensity thinking across the three subjects cited hereabove and strives to create a network of well suited adepts. You can post on his two websites, either [http://mahasaya.Com] or the weblog at [http://www.Yogi4u.Com] and he appears forward to your contributions.

Yoga and the Heart

Going inside–exploring the hidden chambers of the coronary heart to locate one’s real Self–is truly step one in yoga. Continuing from that step, we will take the subsequent one: bringing forth the latent divinity that we discover inside, so that we can also absolutely serve our man or woman dharma, or life motive.

Although I started out watching my parents practice with B.K.S. Iyengar after I changed into 3, and joined them at age seven, it took me years to completely take in this primary lesson. For the first thirteen years of my yoga practice, my attempt become directed at bodily mastering pose after ever extra tough pose. In my late teenagers, I often practiced seven hours a day, many days in a row. Staying half an hour in Headstand and an hour in Shoulderstand would go away my neck so stiff that I couldn’t even flip it the following day! In some sessions, I would carry out a hundred and fifty or so poses! By age 20, I had a repertoire of hundreds of poses, which include high threat asanas hardly ever seen and almost in no way taught. I delivered sizeable electricity to my exercise, but it changed into extra in provider to my ambition and ego than to a higher and deeper cause.

Then, supporting a friend lift a few crates, I ruptured  disks in my lower lower back. For what regarded like an eternity, I changed into not able to take a seat, stand, or walk with out experiencing excruciating ache. When I should ultimately do asana again, I needed to start from the beginning. The muscle groups around my pelvis, legs, and spine had seized as much as protect my back, and I was stiffer than most novices. This entire experience changed into a top notch lesson in humility, and it started the transformation of my asana practice to the an awful lot more heart-centered technique this is now the middle of my teaching.

The 2d catalytic revel in that transformed my practice became whilst my spouse, Mirra, advanced a critical contamination. Three times I noticed her nearly die and be revived. I become over again forced to search for the deeper meanings of my life and the area my day by day asana practice had in it. Watching the woman who mattered a lot to me war for life made me query the haughty attachment I needed to my body and the asanas it could do.

Assisted by way of the penetrating and frequently spectacular insights my wife had received thru her trials, I started out to discover what become for me a wholly new method to yoga practice, an method that included but transcended my antique one. My teachers and numerous historical texts had already delivered me to this type of practice, but I assume I became not able to heed their guidance until experience had softened my heart. And the coronary heart became at the middle of this new method: the surrender of the brain to the heart as well as the lifting of the pelvic power to the heart. My wife Mirra defined to me time and time once more the significance of commencing the heart middle. Speaking from the depths of her very own inner revel in, she reminded me that it was the heart that held the secrets to self expertise and the heart that turned into the portal to the universe within.

Now as I teach, I now not ask college students to make the performance of the postures their primary attention in yoga. Instead, I ask them to find out, explore, hold close, and then elevate the super energy of the pelvis into the heart middle, giving the heart attention, electricity, and nourishment. As they work within the poses, I additionally train them techniques to assist them enlist the highbrow, analytical capabilities of the brain inside the inner quest that takes area inside the heart. For example, Revolved-Head-to-Knee Pose (“Parivrtta Janu Shirsasana”) is an incredible way to examine this heart-centered method, because performing the pose with beauty and openness requires you to discover and harbor the electricity within the pelvis, to boost that power into the heart middle, and to open the chest in a huge, resplendent expression of the heart’s internal luminosity.

Yoga – Overcoming Obstacles With Backbends

As we exercise asanas with focus, we now not most effective experience better but we are also higher able to sense–that is, we emerge as greater touchy to the entirety in our lives. As our sensitivity deepens and widens, we begin to practice asanas in such a way that we’re training the bigger yoga: the discovery of our Self and our dharma (our actual motive) and the overcoming of the barriers that hinder this journey.

In the Yoga Sutra, Patanjali explains the 5 primary kleshas (boundaries) on the yogic course. They are avidya, lack of knowledge; asmita, ego; raga, attachment to delight; dvesha, aversion to ache; and abhinivesha, the worry of demise. Though there are many yogic strategies for dealing with the kleshas, asana practice–each the poses we discover and the way wherein we work in them–may be one of the maximum effective of yoga’s tools for supporting us overcome these afflictions.

Among the asanas, backbends are especially beneficial in this manner, on account that they require robust concentration and open the chest and coronary heart center. Let us then check the methods wherein backbends–and specifically one of the most common backbends, Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana (Upward Facing Dog Pose)–can help us face the kleshas and conquer them.

Arching over Obstacles

In the epic poem Savitri, the Indian sage Sri Aurobindo writes, “Where lack of awareness is, there struggling too have to come.” Avidya in our bodily frame also manifests inside the thoughts, which will become not able to pay attention or keep and keep in mind statistics. If we are to dispel our lack of knowledge, we ought to domesticate the capability to consciousness our attention in addition to the ability to calm our minds. Indeed, an unfocused mind cannot be calm. Thus, the capacity to focus is a precursor to mastering how to make the brain quiet. Because they demand such awareness, backbends are extraordinarily powerful equipment for overcoming lack of knowledge. Backbends also assist us overcome the obstacle of asmita, the ego, due to the fact they open the heart center, the seat of our connection with our higher self. Asmita is the improper identity of the small, person self with the conventional, very best Self. The ego believes it is aware of the whole lot and thinks that the universe revolves round it. As the ego grows, awareness actions away from the heart and into the mind. Over time the relationship among the thoughts and the heart–the smaller self and the bigger Self–is lost. Backbends bring us back to this connection.

The chest and heart openings provided by using backbends additionally counteract the closing three of the five kleshas: raga, dvesha, and abhinivesha. Raga, our attachment to delight, is a futile grasping of the ephemeral–we grasp what is most effective temporary. In doing so, we near our chest and shut down the heart middle. Dvesha, aversion to ache, also closes the door to our hearts. When we cowl up pain, we cover up our shadows, the elements of ourselves that we repress because they do not please the ego. As with raga, our aversion isn’t always expressed with open, extensive arms but with a clutching, defensive posture. And abhinivesha, the concern of demise, is the daddy of all fear, the primal cause for all shrinking of the chest, hunching of the spine, and chickening out again into our small selves.

For those limitations, hatha yoga has a effective treatment: backbends. And when you consider that Urdhva Mukha Svanasana appears in Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation), it affords an notable opportunity for yogis to learn how to use asana practice to fight lack of knowledge, ego, attachment to satisfaction, aversion to pain, and worry of dying.

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